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-====== About ====== +I am Senior Researcher at Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIAUSI-SUPSI) ​in Lugano (Switzerland),​ working on Robotics, Machine Learning applications,​ Human-Robot interaction,​ Biomedical Image ProcessingData Visualization.
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-====== Something else ====== +On this site you can find my ongoing and past [[wiki:​research|projects]],​ [[wiki:​software|software]] I created, [[wiki:​publications|publications]],​ and [[wiki:​teaching|teaching-related]] materials. 
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 +Notable news & awards (reverse chronological order): 
 +  * **Jul, 2018**: Recent results & videos on using pointing gestures for [[http://​people.idsia.ch/​~gromov/​hri-landing/​|landing drones]] and [[http://​people.idsia.ch/​~gromov/​motion-relloc/​|localizing mobile robots]] (patent pending), from PhD student Boris Gromov. ​ The latter work was accepted at IROS 2018 in the paper “Robot Identification and Localization with Pointing Gestures”. 
 +  * **Jan2018**: Have look at the [[https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1709.05368|preprint]] ​of our recent article on "​Learning Ground Traversability from Simulations”,​ to appear on IEEE Robotics ​and Automation Letters. 
 +  * **Apr, 2016**: Our work on the [[http://​www.leet.it/​home/​giusti/​website/​doku.php?​id=wiki:​forest|visual perception of forest trails]] was showcased ​to a huge audience in the [[http://​www.ustream.tv/​recorded/​85315086|GTC 2016 Opening Keynote speech by NVIDIA]], time 1:27 and 1:35. 
 +  * **Feb, 2016**: Additional material (including videos) for our work on the visual perception of forest trails is available [[http://​www.leet.it/​home/​giusti/​website/​doku.php?​id=wiki:​forest|here]]. ​ Press coverage by [[http://​www.washingtontimes.com/​news/​2016/​feb/​10/​researchers-develop-missing-person-rescue-drone-na/​|The Washington Times]], [[http://​www.wired.co.uk/​news/​archive/​2016-02/​11/​drone-follow-forest|Wired]],​ [[http://​www.nbcnews.com/​tech/​innovation/​trail-following-drones-could-locate-guide-lost-hikers-n516056|NBC]],​ [[http://​www.popularmechanics.com/​flight/​drones/​a19385/​new-software-turns-drones-into-bloodhounds-chase-you-through-woods/​|Popular Mechanics]],​ [[http://​www.dailymail.co.uk/​sciencetech/​article-3440694/​Drones-taught-search-missing-people-AI-software-works-quadcopters-explore-forests-woods.html|Daily Mail]]. ​ A few insightful and flattering comments also in [[http://​spectrum.ieee.org/​automaton/​robotics/​artificial-intelligence/​aaai-video-highlights-drones-navigating-forests-and-robot-boat-swarms|this nice piece @ IEEE Spectrum]]. 
 +  * **Jul, 2015**: The preprint for the [[http://​www.journals.elsevier.com/​medical-image-analysis/​|Medical Image Analysis]] paper summarizing the results of the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge is available [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~giusti/​papers/​2014/​mia-preprint.pdf|here]]. 
 +  * **Sept, 2014**: Supplementary material to our four IROS 2014 papers is [[wiki:​research|here]]. 
 +  * **Sept, 2013**: With [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~ciresan|Dan Ciresan]], we won the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge "​[[http://​amida13.isi.uu.nl/​|Assessment of Mitosis Detection Algorithms]]",​ with a significant advantage over the closest competitor ([[http://​amida13.isi.uu.nl/?​q=node/​62|results]]).  
 +  * **Oct, 2012**: With [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~ciresan|Dan Ciresan]], we won the ICPR 2012 challenge on [[http://​ipal.cnrs.fr/​ICPR2012/​|mitosis detection]] in breast cancer histology images. ​ The paper describing the approach was published at MICCAI 2013. 
 +  * **Mar, 2012**: With [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~ciresan|Dan Ciresan]], we won (by a large margin) the ISBI 2012 [[http://​brainiac2.mit.edu/​isbi_challenge/​content/​isbi-2012-workshop-results|challenge]] on segmentation of neuronal structures in electron microscopy stacks. Our entry outperforms all the 16 competing methods on each of the three considered metrics. ​ In addition, we are the only entry outperforming humans in the pixel error metric. ​ We published our approach at NIPS 2012. 
 +  * **Oct, 2011**: Our paper "​[[wiki:​zstackvis|Artificial Defocus for Displaying Markers in Microscopy Z-Stacks]]"​ received an Honorable Mention award at IEEE VIS 2011 (oral presentation) and is now published on the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. 
 +  * **Oct, 2009**: Our paper "​[[wiki:​speedlines|Drawing Motion without Understanding It]]" received the Best Paper Award sponsored by Microsoft at ISVC 2009. 
 +Address: Alessandro Giusti, IDSIA, USI-SUPSI. Galleria 2 6928 Manno-Lugano. Switzerland 
 +Contact me at: alessandrog [at] idsia [dot] ch