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I am a Researcher at Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA) working on Biomedical Image Processing, Robot Vision, Computer Graphics / Visualization and Distributed Algorithms.

On this site you can find my ongoing and past projects, software I created, publications, and teaching-related materials.

Notable news & awards (reverse chronological order):

  • Oct, 2015: Additional material (including videos) for our work on the visual perception of forest trails is available here.
  • Jul, 2015: The preprint for the Medical Image Analysis paper summarizing the results of the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge is available here.
  • Sept, 2014: Supplementary material to our four IROS 2014 papers is here.
  • Sept, 2013: With Dan Ciresan, we won the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge “Assessment of Mitosis Detection Algorithms”, with a significant advantage over the closest competitor (results).
  • Oct, 2012: With Dan Ciresan, we won the ICPR 2012 challenge on mitosis detection in breast cancer histology images. The paper describing the approach was published at MICCAI 2013.
  • Mar, 2012: With Dan Ciresan, we won (by a large margin) the ISBI 2012 challenge on segmentation of neuronal structures in electron microscopy stacks. Our entry outperforms all the 16 competing methods on each of the three considered metrics. In addition, we are the only entry outperforming humans in the pixel error metric. We published our approach at NIPS 2012.
  • Oct, 2011: Our paper “Artificial Defocus for Displaying Markers in Microscopy Z-Stacks” received an Honorable Mention award at IEEE VIS 2011 (oral presentation) and is now published on the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
  • Oct, 2009: Our paper “Drawing Motion without Understanding It” received the Best Paper Award sponsored by Microsoft at ISVC 2009.

Address: Alessandro Giusti, IDSIA. Galleria 2 6928 Manno-Lugano. Switzerland

Contact me at: alessandrog [at] idsia [dot] ch