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 ===== 2019 ===== ===== 2019 =====
-Mirko NavaJérôme GuzziROmar Chavez-Garcia,​ Luca M. Gambardella and Alessandro Giusti: "Learning Long-range Perception using Self-Supervision from Short-Range Sensors ​and Odometry"​. ​IEEE [[http://​www.ieee-ras.org/​publications/​ra-l | Robotics and Automation Letters]] ​([[https://github.com/idsia-robotics/learning-long-range-perception ​more info and downloads]])+J DelmericoS MintchevA Giusti et al.: "The Current State and Future Outlook of Rescue Robotics"​. ​Journal of Field Robotics, to appear. ([[https://doi.org/10.1002/rob.21887 ​doi link]])
-Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini ​and Alessandro ​Giusti: "Smart grid, load management and dynamic pricing for electricity:​ Simulation results ​from a field project in Switzerland"​. ​Competition ​and Regulation in Network Industries ​([[https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/​1783591719836629 ​link]])+M Nava, J Guzzi, R. Chavez-Garcia,​ L M Gambardella ​and Giusti: "Learning Long-range Perception using Self-Supervision ​from Short-Range Sensors and Odometry"​. ​IEEE [[http://​www.ieee-ras.org/​publications/​ra-l | Robotics ​and Automation Letters]] ​([[https://github.com/idsia-robotics/learning-long-range-perception ​|more info and downloads]])
 +J Guzzi, O Chavez-Garcia,​ L M Gambardella,​ and A Giusti: "On the Impact of Uncertainty for Path Planning"​. ICRA 2019
 +B Gromov, J Guzzi, G Abbate, L Gambardella and A Giusti: "​Pointing gestures for proximity interaction"​. HRI 2019 video track and demo track. **Best demo award** and **honorable mention for best video award** ([[http://​people.idsia.ch/​~gromov/​pointing-gestures/​ |more info]])
 +Dario Mantegazza, Jérôme Guzzi, Luca M Gambardella,​ and Alessandro Giusti: "​Video:​ Learning Vision-Based Quadrotor Control in User Proximity"​. HRI 2019 Video track
 +Boris Gromov, Gabriele Abbate, Luca Gambardella,​ and Alessandro Giusti: "​Proximity Human-Robot Interaction Using Pointing Gestures and a Wrist-mounted IMU". IROS 2019
 +Dario Mantegazza, Jérôme Guzzi, Luca Maria Gambardella,​ and Alessandro Giusti: "​Vision-based Control of a Quadrotor in User Proximity: Mediated vs End-to-End Learning Approaches"​. ICRA 2019
 +Mirko Nava, Jérôme Guzzi, R. Omar Chavez-Garcia,​ Luca M. Gambardella,​ and Alessandro Giusti: "Demo: Learning to Perceive Long-Range Obstacles Using Self-Supervision from Short-Range Sensors"​. AAAI 2019 Demo track
 +Simone Mellace, Jérôme Guzzi, Alessandro Giusti, and Luca M. Gambardella:​ "​Realtime Generation of Audible Textures Inspired by a Video Stream"​. AAAI 2019 Demo track
 +B Antonioli Mantegazzini and A Giusti: "Smart grid, load management and dynamic pricing for electricity:​ Simulation results from a field project in Switzerland"​. Competition and Regulation in Network Industries ([[https://​journals.sagepub.com/​doi/​10.1177/​1783591719836629 |link]])
 ===== 2018 ===== ===== 2018 =====