Main research interests

Machine Learning in Robotics

With Prof. Luca Gambardella, I co-lead the IDSIA Robotics Lab.

Applied Deep Learning

I am leading several applied funded research projects on machine learning applications to industrial tasks (1M+ CHF funding).

I am also collaborating with colleagues, applying Machine Learning to various disciplines such as Optical Networks (with Cristina Rottondi)

Biomedical image analysis and visualization

My past activities in the field of Biomedical image analysis, featuring state-of-the-art results on many datasets including membrane segmentation in EM images, mitosis detection in histopathology images, retinal blood vessel segementation, segmentation of embryos and zygotes in hoffmann modulation contrast microscopy images and stacks.

I also developed a cool (and useful) visualization technique for visual markers on Z-stacks.

Other cool stuff (past)