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-This page is under construction. ​ Please see the [[wiki:​publications|publications]] page for details.+====== Current research interests ======
 +===== Biomedical image analysis and visualization =====
 +{{:​wiki:​micro-logo.jpg?​nolink&​200 |}}
 +My activities in the field of [[wiki:​biomedical_image_analysis|Biomedical image analysis]], featuring state-of-the-art results on many datasets including membrane segmentation in EM images, mitosis detection in histopathology images, retinal blood vessel segementation,​ segmentation of embryos and zygotes in hoffmann modulation contrast microscopy images and stacks.
 +I also developed a cool (and useful) visualization technique for [[wiki:​zstackvis|visual markers on Z-stacks]].
 +===== Robotics =====
 +  * [[wiki:​forest | Perceiving real-world forest trails]] for autonomous navigation of micro aerial vehicles.
 +  * [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~giusti/​perceivingpeople/​ | Kinect-based People Detection and Tracking]] for small-footprint mobile robots (includes downloadable software).
 +  * [[wiki:​iros2014|Interactive Augmented Reality for Understanding and Analyzing Multi-Robot Systems]] (ongoing work).
 +  * Also see Gianni di Caro's [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~gianni/​SwarmRobotics/​swarm_robotics.html|webpage]] (which is written in comic sans, you have been warned) on the topic of swarm robotics.
 +===== Efficient testing of Deep Neural Networks =====
 +Convolutional Deep Neural Networks are surprisingly good for image segmentation and object detection tasks; but applying these networks to every patch of a large image is computationally expensive: here's our [[wiki:​fast_scanning|fast scanning]] algorithm which speeds this up by several orders of magnitude.
 +===== Distributed Algorithms for the Smart Grid =====
 +I have been actively involved in the swiss [[http://​www.s2g.ch|S2G]] project and I am currently working on the [[http://​www.alpiq-intec.ch/​en/​energy-efficiency/​smart-technologies/​gridsense/​gridsense.jsp|GridSense]] technology.
 +[[wiki:​tsg|Supplementary material]] for our paper "​Restricted Neighborhood Communication Improves Decentralized Demand-Side Load Management",​ Transactions on Smart Grid, 2104.
 +====== Past research interests ======
 +  * [[wiki:​motion_blur|Analysis and re-animation of motion-blurred objects]] was my main research topic during my PhD. An interesting problem which involves elegant, novel theories, and provides counterintuitive results. There are also various practical applications.
 +  * [[wiki:​speedlines|Speedlines:​ Drawing Motion without Understanding It]], i.e. synthesizing comicbook-like speedlines on videos, with only low-level processing.
 +  * [[wiki:​canalsurfaces|3D Reconstruction of Canal Surfaces]] from a single perspective image.
 +  * [[https://​es-static.fbk.eu/​people/​murphy/​scattering/​wakeup.html | Wakeup Scattering in Wireless Sensor Networks]].