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Current research interests

Biomedical image analysis and visualization

My activities in the field of Biomedical image analysis, featuring state-of-the-art results on many datasets including membrane segmentation in EM images, mitosis detection in histopathology images, retinal blood vessel segementation, segmentation of embryos and zygotes in hoffmann modulation contrast microscopy images and stacks.

I also developed a cool (and useful) visualization technique for visual markers on Z-stacks.


Kinect-based People Detection and Tracking from a small-footprint mobile robot: see here!

Interactive Augmented Reality for Understanding and Analyzing Multi-Robot Systems (ongoing work), including videos!

Also see Gianni di Caro's webpage (which is written in comic sans, you have been warned) on the topic of swarm robotics.

Efficient testing of Deep Neural Networks

Convolutional Deep Neural Networks are amazing, but how to apply them quickly to large images (e.g. for segmentation?): here's how.

Distributed Algorithms for the Smart Grid

I am actively involved in the swiss S2G project.

Past research interests

Analysis and re-animation of motion-blurred objects

This was my main research topic during my PhD: this is an interesting problem which involves elegant, novel theories, and provides counterintuitive results. There are also cool practical applications. Learn more.

Wakeup Scattering in Wireless Sensor Networks

A work during my minor PhD thesis, with prof. Gian Pietro Picco and prof. Amy Murphy. Learn more.