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 ===== Distributed Algorithms for the Smart Grid ===== ===== Distributed Algorithms for the Smart Grid =====
-am actively involved in the swiss [[http://​www.s2g.ch|S2G]] project.+have been actively involved in the swiss [[http://​www.s2g.ch|S2G]] project ​and I am currently working on the [[http://​www.alpiq-intec.ch/​en/​energy-efficiency/​smart-technologies/​gridsense/​gridsense.jsp|GridSense]] technology.
 +[[wiki:​tsg|Supplementary material]] for our paper "​Restricted Neighborhood Communication Improves Decentralized Demand-Side Load Management",​ Transactions on Smart Grid, 2104.
 ====== Past research interests ====== ====== Past research interests ======