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-This page will list research ​software I created ​that may be useful ​for others.  ​Currently under construction.+Research and commercial ​software I (co-)created
 +  * [[wiki:​l3hyperview|L3 Hyperview]],​ a Java+OpenGL userfriendly viewer ​for gigapixel-class images with smooth pan, zoom, rotation and innovative input interfaces (with [[http://​www.pigei.com/​|Pierluigi Taddei]]).  ​Still used for exhibitions around the world! 
 +  * Visualization software for [[http://​bit.ly/​stackviz | displaying visual markers on microscopy Z-stacks]] ​ (also with [[http://​www.pigei.com/​|Pierluigi Taddei]], who really is an OpenGL master). 
 +  * Simulation software for [[https://​es-static.fbk.eu/​people/​murphy/​scattering/​wakeup.html | Wakeup Scattering in Sensor Networks]], for my PhD minor thesis. 
 +  * [[http://​lime.sourceforge.net/​ | TinyLIME]]: integration of LIME middleware and Wireless Sensor Networks. 
 +Also, I supervised the implementation of a couple of great pieces of software, namely: 
 +  * A software for [[http://​www.idsia.ch/​~giusti/​perceivingpeople/​|People Detection and Tracking]] from a Kinect sensor mounted on a small robot (works perfectly!). ​ By Armando Pesenti Gritti and Oscar Tarabini (for a master thesis at Politecnico di Milano). 
 +  * A software for drawing comicbook-like speedlines summarizing the motion occuring in videos (from our paper "​[[wiki:​speedlines|Drawing Motion without Understanding It]]", who got a Best Paper Award at ISVC 2009). ​ By Andrea Riva and Marco Uberti (for a master thesis at Politecnico di Milano).