Image Analysis and Synthesis (Milano) and Computer Vision (Como), Prof. Caglioti

This page contains materials about the seminars presented by me for prof. Caglioti's courses Image Analysis and Synthesis (Milano) and Computer Vision (Como).


The (live) google document listing current and some past course projects/theses (link).

Seminar Transcripts

Here are the transcripts of the matlab sessions (in order of presentation).

  • Introduction to using matlab for imaging (if you are not familiar with matlab, you'll need to look some commands up, use the excellent online documentation). [link]
  • Use of homogeneous corrdinates for drawing a cube from six points, in perspective projection. Covers points, lines, join of points, intersections of lines, vanishing points, simple drawing commands, image reading, clicking of points to get coordinates. [link]
  • use of homogeneous corrdinates for drawing a cube from four points, under parallel projection. Additionally covers parallelism, incidence relations. [link]
  • Understanding conics under homogeneous coordinates. Covers conics, images and their range, incidence relation for conics, some pole-polar relations and simple linear transformations. [link]
  • Conic passing through 5 points. Also covers the dual conic. [link]
  • Stitching of two images of the same scene taken with different camera rotation, but still without moving the camera center. Then you have an homography which relates the two images. [link]
  • The example shown in class for 4-dimensional matrices representing videos (dimensions being (rows, columns, channels, frames)) used data from the Weizmann Action dataset here.
  • The example shown for multispectral images (i.e. more than three channels) was an image from the Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper.

Additional matlab sessions, not presented in class:

  • Projection of points using the camera matrix. Also covers crossratio invariance [link].